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Samsung testing 5G phones with 1gbps download speed

By Rodney - May 13, 2013 3

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So you’re still trying to decide whether or not to go to LTE /4G on your next handset or, worse yet, your area doesn’t even offer you the choice and you’re stuck on 3G for the foreseeable future? Well, I have some good news for you – 5G is now being tested by Samsung; so you can now get even further behind!

For anyone who still thinks Samsung isn’t an innovative company or that they’re just Apple copycats, this should serve to remind you just how impressive their technological teams really are. Samsung was a key developer in both the 3G/4G and wireless charging standards and they’re leading the pack on 5G.

To put things in a little perspective for you, the maximum speed 4G can achieve is about 75mbps (which you and I are never likely to achieve), so this is a huge jump.

Of course, rolling out a cellular network is a slow and extremely expensive process, so telco’s are going to want to leave 4G around a long time, to redeem their investment (plus this is early days in 5G development) so don’t expect to see 5G phones any time soon. None the less, it’s possible in 5 years or so, we might be getting more than a gigabit per second on our handsets, outside of wifi range – and it won’t be Apple we have to thank for it.


Rodney's comes from a background of enterprise systems integration and now runs a cloud computing company. He has a love of all things Android and open and loves it when technology makes us amazed or excited. Rodney uses a Samsung Galaxy S3 4G Model and a Samsung Galaxy 10.1.

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3 Responses to “Samsung testing 5G phones with 1gbps download speed”

  1. Berny says:

    Umm, what did I miss here?

    LTE was tested to 170Mbps in 2008 and has the capability of going to 300Mbps

    LTE testing in 2008:

    Test speeds:

    I’ve been using LTE for some time now, and it’s *very* network dependant. I’ve found changing to HSDPA to be a better option than 4G if there is no network capacity. As handsets advance in antenna design and SoC implementations start including 4×4 MIMO (Cat 5) you’ll see the speeds pick up more than what you see now.

    There is so much work required to support LTE correctly, it’s going to take till 2020 just to get LTE right.

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  2. rok says:

    1 Gb per second is noting, if you dont have unlimited data plan :)

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  3. Maury Markowitz says:

    “and it won’t be Apple we have to thank for it.”

    Wow, such a painful display of fanboism.

    Neither Samsung or Apple developed any of our telecoms standards, and neither will develop the next set either. Both companies instead buy driver chips, including their own, that *incorporate* these standards.

    As to “5G”, no such thing exists. As was the case of 4G before it, companies are simply slapping the moniker on anything that’s faster than what you get today. A wide variety of completely different technologies – not standards, completely different concepts – have been slapped with this label. These include, for instance, zone less telecoms standards with no roaming, or in other cases, a single worldwide standard that is basically a melding of existing 4G standards.

    Faster standards will come, but not from the handsets.

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