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Latest Samsung S4 ad shows off new features

By Rodney - May 6, 2013 3

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Galaxy S4 Advert

Samsung has releases their latest “the Next Big Thing Is Already Here” TV commercial (US based), designed to show off some of the new features available on the Galaxy S4. This one focuses on a group of college (University) graduates, celebrating their big day – of course with their smartphones by their sides.

Following on the heels of other Galaxy commercials, this one uses comedy to highlight the inadequacies of the competition (mostly the iPhone) and actually puts forward a reasonable case for why some of their new features (gesture controls, additional camera capabilities. etc.) are more than just a pointless gimmick.

Take a look at the ad below and let us know if you think it’s a swing or a miss:

Following Nokia’s recent commercial, which played on the Android / iOS rivalry, let us know which one you prefer but also which ad is more likely to persuade you to actually part with your cash?


Rodney's comes from a background of enterprise systems integration and now runs a cloud computing company. He has a love of all things Android and open and loves it when technology makes us amazed or excited. Rodney uses a Nokia 930 (Windows Phone) and a Samsung Galaxy 10.1.

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3 Responses to “Latest Samsung S4 ad shows off new features”

  1. Jason G says:

    Jedi-answering, 99% gimmick, 1% actual use situations…

    Actually I thought this ad was pretty good, but I’m still not particularly inclined to buy a Samsung.

    I do like Samsung hardware (though it’s a bit lack-luster in appearance, the technicals are always solid) but I can’t stand how much they insist on differentiating themselves at the OS level… if you’re going to make and android phone, make and android phone, don’t change basic stuff.

    I like the additional software they add on the camera, and the mutli-window feature.. but I can’t stand the changing standard stuff (like having to switch to “edit mode” to manipulate widget and app shortcuts, and not being able to disable gallery syncing over 3G).

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    • That’s why I buy a Samsung and then just immediately install a different launcher. I get to keep all their apps but I can ditch touchwiz and their other annoyances.

      People keep telling me Samsung build quality is low but I’ve had precisely zero phones fall apart or break from being badly made.

      Yes the HTC One is beautiful but the shell of the phone is actually the least important part, really. Wrap it in a silicone car for protection and they all look the same anyway.

      I do like the HTC One mind you.

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      • Jason G says:

        I don’t use cases, rarely drop my phones (only once in the 6 years I’ve had smart-phones ). I love the smooth cold metal feel of the One, very reminiscent of my Desire HD – though even cleaner with the harder corners. Also, cased make it harder to get the phone in/out of pockets, and phone-mounts on my bicycle.

        The S3 had a very cheap feel to my taste, it flexed almost like a toy, compared to the One X or (dare I mention) the iPhone (I don’t have one, but I use them regularly for work).

        Still, if you’re likely to put a case on it, then I’d certainly concede the point :)

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